June 3, 2010


woot yay, end of exams.
*note the lack of exclamation marks and capital letters*

Gosh, it's finally over.
3 weeks of ... not being able to study properly has finally over.
I think I'd be missing the days where there's no homework,
No duties,
No pointless extra co-curricular activities,
No staying back ...

I wish there would somehow be a balance between the normal study days and the exam period.

I feel so ... not-as-happy-as-I-should-be right now.

Before that,
Internet's been down since last Friday or Saturday,
Can't really remember,
Finally got it back yesterday.
Lovin' the download speed,
Love being able to plurk before I fall asleep,
Guess I'm very much grateful right now.

I have no idea why I take what people say so seriously.
Even though it's not entirely accurate,
But it shows what people think of you,
What impressions they have,
And it sucks /=

On the bright side,
Spending time with friends act as an anesthetic for that pointless thought that drags my mood down.
But other than that, it bugs me a lot.
I probably shouldn't give a damn,
But it's harder to not give a damn about giving a damn than to just not give a damn.


Shouldn't let that spoil my holidays.
But it has already done some damage ...

Gah, why do I even care?

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