June 22, 2010

The thing I loathe.

I really, really hate debating.
The mere flashback of it makes me sick.
I mean REALLY sick.
I feel so mentally and psychologically tortured, lol.

I'm currently trying to find out why do I loathe thee so excessively,
Is it the immense amount of tension?
Is it the fact that I'm not good at public speaking?
Is it the fact that I'm not prepared for it?
Is it the fact that I don't have much experience?
Would having more competitions in school help?

This is the very first time I joined an actual debate competition,
No, an actual debate in fact.
I previously had 2,
One was without preparation,
While the second one was ... sort of debating with myself.

I think I'm sick, lol.

Went to SMK Seksyen 4 today for a zone level debate competition,
Up against SMK Puchong (had no idea that existed, sorry, but then again, what are the odds of a student from that school reading my blog? lol) for the first round,
Public shame is an appropriate means of punishing criminals as the motion of the debate.
We were the opposition team for this motion.

I was the first speaker, and the person to give the reply speech.


Somehow, we won.

The best part of the day was meeting a bunch of my old friends,
Those from 6H and those from Success Score,
Ah, miss them, sort of.

Had no appetite.
Did not feel well.

2nd round,
Up against Seksyen 3.
They went straight to Round 2,
Because their opponent in Round 1 withdrew.

So basically, they had the whole morning to prepare,
While we had like ... 1 hour?
The motion was young people should be subjected to night-time curfews as a way to reduce crime.
We were the governing team this time.

They were so bitchy mean,
Greeting us as the 'wise yet confused governing team',
Boasting about their impenetrable 'skyscraper',
Saying our points were 'feeble'.

I have to say,
That strategy had a great role in relinquishing our morale,
But somehow we won.
Both teams were equally shocked.

Can't believe we're in the finals.
I loathe thee, debate.

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