June 25, 2010

Of sucky results and an inevitable farewell.


Let me see ...
A+ for Mathematics, Additional Mathematics and English.
A for Moral, History and Physics.
A- for Mandarin and Malay.
B+ for Chemistry and Biology.

Was REALLY happy to score 97 for Additional Mathematics,
Like seriously,
Happier than winning 2 rounds of zone-level debates!
Especially when paper 2 was set by Pn. Tan herself.

REALLY happy to score 72 for Mandarin too!
My very first A- for Mandarin for SPM level!
The teacher even thought I had the essay question before the exam,
Because it seemed too good to be true.
Kinda insulting but, nevertheless, :D
Then again, my traditional Chinese part sucked.

Chemistry and Biology sucked,
Especially the essay parts.
Guess I'll have to ... ... you know ...
Lost quite a lot of marks for the Novel and writing section for BM, :(

Doesn't seem that bad,
But kinda bad when compared to other classmates.
Not that I'm being competitive,
But their results are used as a reference.
Especially when people are getting 10~20 marks more than yours for a single paper >.<

Oh well,
What's done is done.

* * *

Pn. Tan left our school,
Our (5 Alfa) Mathematics and Additional Mathematics teacher.
One of the best teacher I've ever had in my schooling life,
Not just her effective teaching method,
Her way of explaining things,
But also the personal advice she gives,
The times where she joked with us students.

It was such an emotional scene when the girls started crying,
And all the hugging,
Even I was sniffing,
On the brink of tearing.

I believe it's as hard for her as it is for us,
Probably even worse.
We've only been under her teaching for ... a year and a half?
Whereas she's been in this school for over 10 years ...

But one's capability shouldn't be limited,
For a person that could teach so much more ...

If there was an article written about what a teacher should be,
Or an essay about their most respected teacher,
Or an inspiration to be a teacher to educate the future generations,
I believe she'd be one used as reference,
Pn. Tan Kim Leng,
Our beloved teacher :D

All the best in her endeavours,
As a matriculation lecturer :)

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