September 27, 2009

Out for lunch!

*look at my shining 5x5 ~_~*

So after morning service today,
I decided to follow my parents out for lunch instead of staying for youth.
I was already struggling to stay awake during the Sermon,
So it was better that I went home for a nap.

So we went to this ...
Seapark ... sister's ... curry ... noodles ... can't remember.
Ah, yes,
Sisters Curry Laksa (Seapark),
At Bandar Puteri.

This is what I ordered:

咖喱 鸡二度 米粉 河粉

Chicken curry laksa, that ... thigh area chicken.
RM8.30 (If I remember correctly)

Honey Lemon drink.

Er ... everything's ... not bad.
Quoting from my dad, 'above average',
We went there because it was recommended by newspapers and stuff,
So yeah.

Went back,
Woke up,
Decided not to do homework,
Sleep :)

ps. Finished Dissidia!

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