September 14, 2009

My deepest condolences.

My closest non-Chinese friend (lol?),
Just lost his father recently.

He was absent for quite some time,
So today when he suddenly came back,
He was definitely bombarded by questions and concerns.

He kept telling us to wait till BM class.
We had no idea why,
But he seemed moody.

While I was chatting with some of my friends,
2 prefects came in,
With a metal tin wrapped with paper,
With words written on it.

Words like 'Mohamat Eirban Ali',
'bapa' and 'meninggal dunia' immediately struck my mind,
And the whole class as well.

There was an awkward moment of silence.

My deepest condolences.

* * *

KWY called 4 times today.
Save me.

1 comment:

Thames-eirban said...

Thanks but i dont think my dad would have wanted this kind of publicity but thanks anyway.I didnt know I was one of your non-malay friends,what a shock really as we two always argue about something.I really wished that my father had get to know you or you him but past is past we must keep moving forward.Anyway I will never forget my father and how he respected almost everyone and dare to stand up when something wrong happens.Kritz and any other people, please respect your parents as you will never know what might happen.WELL,thanks guys for being there for me.