September 8, 2009

Short Term Memory Sucks

I do remember of wanting to blog about something when I was chatting with Blake ...
But now I kinda lost it.

How am I going to say this,
Fasting season right?
There's actually people smuggling food for those who are fasting.

Wei Yong called me a gazillion times today,
Asked me about add maths.
Texted him workings,
This that,
Answer a million of his calls.

When I was eating dinner,
I decided to ignore his call till I'm done.

I totally forgotten that he's the type that would never give up calling.
So without second thought,
I immediately went and SMSed him that I was eating.

Just when I finished,
He calls.

And that happened for like .... hours.
I was so ... annoyed,
But I tried to keep my cool and helped him as much as I could.

I couldn't even concentrate on what I was doing >.>

I hate texting add maths workings.

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