September 7, 2009

Can't ... stand it

(Gosh, I almost never felt like blogging like I used to)

There's this ... old Volvo car 2 houses away from my house,
My neighbour.

It's kinda ... old,
So it has to be 'warmed up' before driving.

Then all hell breaks lose ...
... from the exhaust pipe.

The pollutants literally stings my nasal cavity and my lungs.

I know,
They might not be able to afford to change a car or anything,
But it really, really smells bad.

And no,
Closing the doors and windows doesn't work.


* * *

Went out for lunch today,
Wanted to ate some noodles advertised on some flyer,
But in the end mom and I decided to eat something else.

Drove in circles in Jalan Kenari (opposite of IOI Mall),
Went to Bandar Puteri for a few more circles and finally decided to eat at some simple restaurant.

I was expecting something nicer since we don't eat out often,
But mom was getting super pissed so I thought better to just shut up and eat.

Guess what,
When I was happily Sudoku-ing on my iPod Touch,
Some random person runs over to my place and pokes me in the arm.

Never expected to see Kar Mern there @_@

I saw Wai Kit too,
My primary school classmate.
Small world eh?

Took away (not literally) a packet of chicken rice for my dad,
And went to Puteri's Giant for awhile.

Have not been there for quite some time since Kinrara already had a Giant.

Went back and dad exploded because the chicken rice included a disgusting chicken ass (lol).
It was ... not cleanly removed of it's fur and it was just ... revolting.


Hopefully someday soon,
I'd get to eat something other that the usual >.>

* * *

When was the last time I blogged about daily events like that,
Feels ... quite ... nostalgic,

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