November 11, 2009

Marks the end of a milestone.

(*points at the title* not exactly, just thought it was ... well ... fancy. ;x)

So today,
Went to school as usual,
Aside from sitting around,
Meddling with my Rubik's cube,
Blabbering all sorts of crap,
From the "Grandfather Paradox" to the spiteful personality being portrayed by Miss Angeline Tan,

We took our dreadful results back.

Quoting from Karmern,
Taking our results was definitely more stressful than the exams itself,
Or maybe just too full of suspense.

I'll try not to post any results here,
Till most of them are returned to me.

But anyway,
BM p2 was definitely the scariest so far.
The look on the faces when my friends walked back from the teacher's desk was dreadful enough.
But I was quite satisfied with my BM marks.

BI, lol.
I blabbered for my continuous writing.
But still managed to score well.
I feel bad though,
But not bad enough for me to forsake my marks and do something stupid.

Went for 'English Literature' class for the last time,
Why inverted commas?
It's because I haven't been learning anything literature-related for quite some time.
Since the day I somehow realised that taking English Literature for SPM is impossible,
I just lost my heart for it.

Sure, I could always learn something for the sake of just obtaining extra knowledge,
But I've been doing that for half-a-year.
I guess I always had a tinge of hope deep down inside me that I could somehow still sit for English Literature.

Being unable to take English Lit really made me lose the heart to continue studying for it.


Did I mention my essays were utter crap?
I can't help but to despise my own writing despite being called a hypocrite.
Sure, scoring in English is one thing,
But being able to write something good,
Is not easy, at all.

I hate not being able to master any language,
All of them are half-hanging.

Why D:

Thank you teacher Chu Lie (I actually don't know how to spell my English Literature teacher's name, LOL),
For guiding me for the whole year,
Criticising my poorly-written answers,
Constantly pushing my mind to dig deeper,
To explore and elaborate with more in-depth analysis.

Though I fail to improve much.

I don't know.


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