November 6, 2009

Post-exam post

First week
Monday : Malay p1, Malay p2
Tuesday : Biology p3, English p1, English p2
Wednesday : Mandarin p1, Mathematics p1, Mathematics p2
Thursday : Moral, Chemistry p3
Friday : History p2, History p1

Second week
Monday : Physics p3, Physics p1, Physics p2
Tuesday : Biology p2, Biology p1
Wednesday : Mandarin p2, Additional Mathematics p2
Thursday : Civics, Chemistry p1, Additional Mathematics p1
Friday : Chemistry p2, Physical Education

Chemistry was a killer.
PE was ... whatever.
Everything doesn't matter,
Because exams are officially OVER!

Things to do (for the moment),
  • Finish the last season of Friends.
  • Watch my 6gb full version of Advent Children, FF cutscenes that I bought quite some time ago, and some movies that I have.
  • Read novels!


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