November 30, 2009

Yay! Dead blog 8D

Let's see what I've missed out.

Class party (jamuan).
Gosh that seemed like a year ago.
Was fun,
Loads of food.

What else.

Played Final Fantasy VII on my PSP,
The remake of the PS1 version that was released on PSN.
Finished it in like, 2 weeks.
The lifelessness of it :D

Went to renew my passport.
Took 5 friggin hours.

Celebrated church friend's birthday in Shabu-shabu,
Not bad :O

Ate breakfast with cousin in Yuen Garden,
A place where you actually queue up before entering.

Slacked around.

To-do list :

  1. Chinese essay for competition
  2. Chinese slide show of the officiating of our school
  3. Holiday homework
  4. Read novels
  5. Yay can't remember!

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