November 16, 2009

Random stuff that I wanted to post quite some time ago.

Went to school today to register new students.
I was in charge of Yak Chee students (my beloved primary :3)
Less than 60 out of 72 showed up,
And probably around 40-50 applied to change schools.


There's this weird, proud feeling for my primary school xD Shhh.

Wasted time though.

* * *

Went to Papa John's for lunch last Friday,
Ate with Pn. Liew and Pn. Chua,
Went to watch 2012 after that,
With Kar Mern and Hau Nung.

Although some parts of the movie wasn't amazing,
But I really liked that movie,
I guess when it comes to movies,
I don't really hate anything.
Oh well.

* * *

Went back kampung last Saturday.
Look! Random antique kerosene lamp!

* * *

Last, last Sunday,
My dad went Genting with his retiree friend,
While mom and I ate at Steak Out!

Potato Salad!

My Rib-eye Medium Steak

My mom's ... mixture of a lot of things

The bill was more than a hundred,
So far the most generous dinner I've ever had with my mom.


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