December 23, 2009

Crammed update

6H gathering!
When was that?
Can't remember.
Went to Pao Bing.

This was what I ordered.
Didn't even eat breakfast.
Had ice for brunch =o=

You can see our form teacher,
Wu Lao Shi :D

* * *

Edison Cube arrived!

Wanted to write a review,
But sorta lost the mood to do it.

So anyway,
Here's a short one.

From stuff I see online,
Here's the difference.

  1. It didn't came in a weird box, with ribbons, green-red combination wrappings.
  2. There wasn't a personally written thank-you note.
  3. The blue isn't dark, it's actually quite similar to the standard colour scheme.
  4. The orange is kinda light, though.
  5. Was super tight, and the caps didn't fall off.
  6. I almost though the caps were sealed, and there was no way of adjusting the tension.
  7. But I got it off anyway, lol.
  8. Didn't cut corners at first.
  9. Loosened it and now it's great!
  10. But probably not as amazing as those I seen online?
  11. But better than what I previously had anyway.
  12. Was worried sick that it wouldn't meet my expectations D:

* * *

Ceramah undang!
Small room o_o

Something written on the door in beside the last row =x

The 6 of us sat in the last row.
There wasn't much to teach,
So we spent most of the time watching pointless videos,
Just to fill in the 5 hours.

After that,
We went to Otak-Otak Place in the IOI boulevard.
50% off! Thanks to Karmern's mom!

My Nasi Briyani Dam,
Not that nice.
The chicken was ... overcooked.

My berries blended (I think).
Nice :D

* * *

Other than that,
I've been watching loads of movies,

Will post about all of them,

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