December 5, 2009

One Utama Trip

Tiong Hsien, Yi Shen, Kian Siong, Wei Jien, Kar Mern, Angeline and I went to OneUtama.
Thanks to Tiong Hsien's mom for sending us there and fetch us back.

Met up with Wei Jien,
Thanks to his parents for helping us purchase 7 tickets for Ninja Assassin,
Rated 18SG.

Went to find lunch.
Spent like, forever walking around and around,
When we FINALLY decided to go T.G.I. Friday's,
Tiong Hsien, Yi Shen, Kian Siong and Wei Jien waltzed into Carl's Jr.

Kar Mern, Angeline and I were like o_o

Fine, we'll eat at Sakae Sushi.


Friggin' RM9.90,
Waste of cash.
But oh well,
For special occasions :D

Tastes weird =o=

The three of us decided to share 1 set of these,


I ordered an extra California Roll,
But devoured in 2 bites without taking a picture.

And I seriously hate the ocha with roasted rice.
Tastes like chao da stuff mixed with my green tea =.=

Darn full ~.~

Since the 4 boys finished their lunch faster,
They went off,
And I didn't want to tag along 2 girls shopping for clothes,
So I walked alone, YAY~

Found OneRepublic's album in Rock Corner ... and 2 or 3 other record stores.
None of them had the deluxe version though.

Oh, and I saw this mother with her daughter,
Frantically looking for her son.
I was like, er ... should I help or something o_o
Then I continued walking ... and walking ...
And I saw this small boy walking around aimlessly with tears in his eyes.

I was like ... er ... what should I do o_o
Then I heard his mom's voice,
And they eventually found each other.
Relieved, that I didn't have to do anything, lol.

Met up with the boys,
Was kinda ... coincidental because I was walking towards the cinema,
And they were leaving the cinema.
They played snooker or something.

Soon after,
Went to watch the movie.

The plot was okay,
The effects were okay,
The gory scenes were ... exaggerated.
The whole movie is about blood splattering like nobody's business.

Oh, did I mention?
First time watching 18 above movie in the cinemas.

His chains remind me of Kratos of God of War,
And his ... overdrive? Last attack? Limit break?
His last epic attack anyway,
Was like Cloud's Omnislash.
Heh. But it wasn't too bad.

Movie ended quite late since it was a 4.40pm movie.
Went for dinner in a Vietnam Kitchen,
Just realised I didn't take any pictures of my dinner =o=
Not bad,
Though I sorta lost a little money since I paid for everything first,
But never mind.


The going back part was the best!
Okay it was kinda stupid, lol.

We sort of split up,
Angeline, Yi Shen and I walked in a group since the others went on.
It was like explorace or something,
So fun and exciting at the same time, haha.
In the end,
Our 'group' won the imaginary race,
And since they were still away I thought I wanted to use that voucher for McDonald's before it expired,
At the same time,
Treating my 'team mates' to those RM1 ice creams.

But they weren't too far after all,
And the queue was long,
So I lined up at the separate kiosk for the treat since I already promised them.

Oh well,
I don't think I'll have any other chance to use that voucher D:

Oh by the way,
Going on Starcruise tomorrow,

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