December 14, 2009

Star Cruise trip :O

I'll just post some randomly selected pictures that briefly describes my trip :D

Port Klang - Pulau Indah

First day, went up ship around ... 4pm?

Random hallway in the cruise. Towards the restaurant which serves Chinese cuisine.

Inside the Chinese restaurant. There's actually 3: Chinese, Western and International (buffet).
My mom's TRYING to read a book in the background. Didn't work.

Where the sea and sky meet at the horizon.

Some magic act, those 'underwater death-defying escape' thing.

2012 :O

In Patong Beach, Phuket, Thailand.
Lots of pubs and pole dancers.

Soap carving.

More soap carvings.

Painter. Nice paintings D:

Sunset again, lol.



If only there was a ray of light.

Christmas tree :O

Celebrating my father's birthday on cruise. Free cake, courtesy of Star Cruise, Libra.

To be honest, the trip was kind of boring.
It's like, eat-sleep-eat-sleep-eat-sleep kinda thing.
Sure, there are gyms, discotheques, shows, lounges, pools, pubs, jacuzzi, casino and jogging tracks,
But not everything is suitable for me.

Watched a lot of HBO during wee hours :O

Food isn't top notch,
But not too shabby.

Would be great if a big family or a bunch of friends went on trips like this,
More boding and quality time I guess.

Wish I had more time in Singapore though D:

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