December 29, 2009

No Apologies!

Had this 'seminar' thing,
No Apologies,
Targeted for teenagers,
About premarital sex and stuff.

It was great,
And suited even for people who had a bad past.
Topics like drugs, sex, masturbation, pornography,
All in one day @_@

Never had I heard the word 'sex' being repeated so many times in one day.

* * *

Tip for students looking for big/gigantic sized school uniform:
There's this shop in South City Plaza (yeah, not the best place),
Pow Heong Design a.k.a. Ph.D,
Also the supplier of their own brand of clothes,
Big sizes woot.

There are also other places which sell their stuff but that's the main shop la.

Good quality too.

* * *

Screw holiday homework!

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