February 1, 2010


Not really in an FML mood ... but ... never mind.

Attended the 10 hour long seminar yesterday.
Before that, 2 random pictures.


In a stripper :O
*okay, ignore my immaturity*


Random sandwich.
Consists of tuna, cucumbers and onions.

Officially sick of tuna once again.

Didn't finish that stack in one go =.=
Thought I could but ... was already full when I finished the first set.

* * *

Back to the seminar.

I shall conclude before starting,
That it definitely wasn't worth 10 hours and RM108.

Not saying it was bad ... but it really wasn't worth,
For me at least.

The hall was kinda warm,
Shouldn't have brought the sweater,
Made my bag swollen.
Only till the end,
It got a little chiller,
But not till the point where I needed a sweater.

Pictures. Blurry pictures.

During teatime ... Dexter was doing something suspicious...

Angeline was trying to grab my iPod Touch from the clutches of Yi Shen.

Random speaker (not one of the main speakers),
Climbed on the table and gave us a fired-up motivation ...

... that didn't last long.

What annoyed me the most was probably the lack of brightness in the hall.

For goodness' sake,
It's UM,
The most prestigious university in Malaysia,
Yet you can't make sure that half the lights are working?

The ceiling is lined with fluorescent lamps,
10 for each lining,
Yet the most that were lit was 5 out of 10,
And in the picture,
There's one line with only 1 lamp lit.

I was actually waiting for an evaluation form at the end ...
But I guess when it comes to seminars with professional speakers,
You don't get to evaluate them and rant. D:

I preferred the male speaker over the female one,
Can't remember their names =x

Oh well,
No more seminars for me :D
Hopefully ...

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