February 10, 2010

3 trips - 1 post

Trip #1 : Chinese Calligraphy Competition at Summit USJ

Practiced a little on the day before ...

Sucks. I know.

Believe or not,
I sucked even worse on the actual day, lol.

That morning,
Was Road Run day.

While we were waiting for our transport ...
Syn Jie with my iPod :O

Little kids preparing to RUNNN~!

Reached Summit ...
Went into this ... place we never thought existed.
It was basically an empty ground in the Summit building,
Like a construction site,
Dusty and everything.

Girls in skirt and floors just don't match.

Snacks that Hui Teng's uncle prepare

Kinda accidentally tore my first paper,
So I just practiced on that,
And screwed up my second paper because I wrote the wrong words,
And they ran out of paper,
And the Malay girl beside us has an extra paper,
Which was a little torn,
So I asked for it,
But what I wrote was WORSE than my very first one ...

Oh well /=
Never meant to be.

Went Sushi King!
I bought Subway ... so I ate less at Sushi King.
Just ... had ... to ... buy ... Subway.
But a seafood sandwich is just ... shouldn't exist.

Karmern's Scallops

Syn Jie's ... chicken?

Hui Teng's ... ?

And presenting ...

The main dish of the day ...

Yee Sang!

Woots :D
After much lou-ing,
And me snapping pictures with Karmern's DSLR,

This was the end product :

The Yee Sang's not bad,
But I don't really know ... cause I haven't really ate an actual Yee Sang before.

OH, and Hui Teng was obsessed with saying the word 'LOL' out loud,
So we made this :D

We finished it anyway,
So it wasn't considered wasting food ;D

Walked around,
Watched performances,
Walked more,

Well, congratulations to Karmern!
Finally winning after so many years.
Wasn't jealous or anything,
Just a little sad,
A lil bit.
Didn't blame the torn paper,
Or the floor or anything like that.
Just ... well ... kinda sad that I couldn't write nice calligraphy :(
But then again ... I've never really practiced ...

Oh well :D

* * *

Trip 2 : Subang Parade

Went with mom,
To buy Chinese New Year clothes.
Bought 3 of them ...

Ate at Dave's Deli.

They should consider renaming it to Dave's GRAVY.

Since ...

My lasagna had gravy.

Even the sausage had gravy.

Nothing ... amazing.
Decent ... I guess.

* * *

Trip 3 : IOI Mall.

Went with Kian Siong, Karmern and Hui Teng.

I saw 6 people I knew!
Probably the highest record?

Oh, for your information,
99% of my visits to IOI,
I'll definitely meet someone I know.

Oh, and this was my first time taking the Metro Bus.

The 6 lucky ones are :
  1. Daniel Siow (on the bus, made me O.O)
  2. Jeyshaan (he was walking out)
  3. Michelle Low
  4. Justin Low (I don't know, somehow it was VERY awkward when I saw these 2)
  5. Darren Wee (was working in Seoul Garden)
  6. Jeremiah (senior ... graduated ... 3 years ago?)

Bought a mechanical pencil for RM10.
Crazy, I know.
The crazier thing was Kiang Siong and Hui Teng each bought one as well. xD
The craziest thing was Hui Teng offered an extra RM5 to me because she wanted the white/transparent one ...
I current own that, and she has a yellow one :D

Bought stuff,
Went home,
Thanks to Karmern's mom :D

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