February 26, 2010

American Idol Season 9 rant ...

Sorta rewatched and wanted to add some stuff. Added stuff will be in bold.
Woots, top 24~

Top 12 girls episode sucked.
Top 12 guys were better IMO.

Don't really remember the girls,
All I know is the judges seem to think everyone is trying to be someone,
And they all lack of originality.
I'm rooting for Katie Stevens for now.

Top 12 guys ...
I sorta spammed my plurk while watching,
So I could remember each contestant better.

Guys seem to do the exact opposite of the girls,
They had TOO MUCH originality,
That it wasn't nice.

Didn't like Todrick Hall's "Since U Been Gone",
Because I love the original song too much? Perhaps?

Aaron Kelly was okay voice was not bad...

Did not like Jermaine Sellers,
Kinda painful to listen.
Indeed, when he's trying to hit those notes. Painful.

Tim Urban sang Apologize,
Previously, runner-up David Archuleta and winner Kris Allen sang Apologize before ...
Tough luck.
But he was technically the 'worst' contestant,
Being the replacement for another contestant that was disqualified.
That ... Thaddeus dude should be the replacement.
I thought it was a huge mistake when Randy (I think) said he did NOTHING WRONG.
Yeah, leave him in a state of confusion while he walks off. Great.

Joe Munoz was okay ...

Tyler Grady ... erm ...
I don't really like him.
Okay he didn't suck, but he got eliminated. So yeah.

Lee Dewyze was NICE.
Sorta shocked when Kara and Randy didn't like it,
But amazingly Simon agreed with me o_o
I'll be rooting for him.

John Park's wasn't really nice.

Never liked Michael Lynch,
a.k.a. Big Mike,
Seems like he's singing the exact same thing for first solo performance on Hollywood Week,
2nd solo on Hollywood Week,
And top 12.

The introduction for Alex Lambert was funny xD
Reference to Mary Powers!
Didn't liked him performance?
Hmm. Sorta liked his voice.

Casey James' performance was good,
But I don't really like him, lol.
Kara likes him though.
That cougar =x
Yeah his performance was really good /=

Last but not least,
Andrew Garcia~
Was okay,
I guess o_o
His voice is amazing, haha~

Seems like the last singer for both guys and girls were spotlights,
Since it was kinda obvious that AI likes Katie and Andrew,
But too bad this time they didn't blow the judges away.

Ellen basically likes EVERYONE.
And hopes that people would vote for EVERYONE.
She's repeating the same thing over and over again for every single contestant ...
She did gave some advice,
But she ends with "I like you, and I want people to vote for you" or something like that.

Results coming out soon~
Results came out.
Janell shouldn't have been eliminated,
Her American Boy during Hollywood Week should have been enough to keep her for a few more weeks ...
Even though I don't see Joe being the winner,
I don't think he should be eliminated so fast.
Ashley ... well, she was on the verge of swearing,
And ironically she had to sing Happy again.
Bye Tyler.

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