February 21, 2010

Happy Chinese New YEAR~!

Started off with reunion dinner...
Before that,
Happy super belated birthday from my blog to Tiong Hsien~
Went to his birthday party,
Didn't blog about it...

So yeah :D

Back to where I started.

* * *

Started off with reunion dinner,
Saturday, I think.
Yes Saturday.

Aunt ... Anny?
Used to calling her the Teochew way,
But I call my uncles by English.

Anyway, she came earlier that day.

Went to Uncle Edward's house at night,
Ate food that he bought,
Not too bad,
Beyond my expectations.

But then again,
I didn't have high expectations :D
Just in case :D

Listened to adults talk,
Interesting stuff.
Took random pictures of his house deco.

BIG ... fruits.HUGE plant.

Moved on to Uncle Allan's house.
Drank some wine,
Sat around.

Did I mention receiving angpaus?
Yeah, what's CNY without angpaus? :D

Angpau? Angpao?
Oh, I don't know.
I somehow prefer angpau.

Or I could further extents of referring to it as a red packet.
But that doesn't sound as catchy as angpau.

Okay enough with stupid rants.

* * *

On the first day of new year my true love gave to me
First day,
Balik kampung!

Lightened the load by stopping at Sekinchan,
Which is where the relatives of my mother's side are,
And moved on to Teluk Intan.

Me no likey.

Took loads of random pictures of the sky,
Was kinda bored anyway.

Argh, reflection.
Nothing better to do, really.

Collected a few angpaus,
Sent my aunt back home,
Saw some random uncle holding a big DSLR in the village area.

Not that I'm obsessed with DSLRs,
But they ARE kinda fun to play with.

Went back to Sekinchan.
Collected angpaus~
Mingled around,
Played with my cousin sister's DSLR.
The bag holding it was VERY, VERY, very dusty.

Here's a random picture of my cousin sister's (another one, not the one with the DSLR) daughter.

Went home on the second day of CNY.

* * *

Pretty much did nothing for the next few days,
Till Friday,
When I went to Blake's house.

Prepared food ... a little.
Watched Paranormal Activity,
Door broke,
Parents came back.

It was as if the police raided a house with drug addicts hiding in it.
But everything turned out okay :D

A lot of people were there,
Sorta enjoyed ... most of the time.

* * *

Went to She-Reen's house.
Ate homemade nasi lemak,
Played AuditionSEA,
Watched a little of Marley and Me,
But had to go to Kai Wen's house.

Went to Kai Wen's house,
Had a tour,
Sat around,

Everything was ... just fine. :D

* * *

Last day.
Went to church in the morning.
Came back.

CNY this year wasn't epic or anything,
But I guess I have no complaints.
Angpau money reached 4 digits anyway,
Woo hoo~!

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