March 28, 2010

Random stuff + Driving + Starbucks

Random Stuff
Should I submit this to FAIL Blog?
Or Engrish Funny?

A picture of the tree in front of my house,
More flowers than leaves @_@

Will take a better picture of it ... hopefully ... before everything is gone.
Dad said there was more flowers earlier.

This random plant I saw while I was in the cemetery,

* * *

The whole experience was surreal, dream-like.
And now it's as if I've never attended that lesson before.

Basic stuff, really.

Better than I expected, in fact.
I sort of predicted spend the first half hour stalling,
(I actually looked up for the accurate phrase for the Cantonese phrase 'sei for', ‘死火’, it's when your engine stalls, i.e. when you release your clutch pedal too fast)
But in the end ... good? I guess.

Looking forward to my next lesson :O

* * *

Went to Starbucks in IOI yesterday,
In conjunction of Earth Hour.

Drank 2 cups of dark mocha,
One venti (large) and one grande (medium).

Mom bought this special tumbler :D

Now I can get RM2 off for every purchase if I use the bottle ....


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