December 21, 2008

I hate this.

I feel like shit right now.
Maybe it's because of the lack of sleep or something,
I just literally collapsed on the couch,
And woke up later to find out that hours had already passed by.

I forgot to mention,
That on Thursday morning,
My father brought me down KL for breakfast.

We went hunting for famous KL food,
Those often shown in food documentaries.

* * *

Besides that,
Did a lot of practice for the coming Christmas celebration.
At first I wasn't involved in the drama,
But ended up handling props.

* * *

Tuition for the holidays finally ended,
But it's kinda like a one week thing,
Which doesn't make much difference.

I remember my friend saying that I'm kiasu for taking tuition so early,
Never really thought of that,
But I guess that was a statement that seemed quite true ...
Sometimes =x

* * *

Currently using wide flat screen monitor + wireless keyboard + wireless mouse,

I can't believe the download speed here in the kampung is like 170+kbps,
While it peaks at 60-70kbps in my house.

I hope I don't crash and die on the couch again.

* * *

PMR results,
Stupid thing,
No one knows for sure when they are going to be announced.

Should be 30th,
Since my friend got his news from a teacher.

* * *

I guess ... that's it!
I gotta stop posting randomly like this...
Wait till my computer recovers and everything moves back to its rightful place.

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