December 21, 2008

Another short post. Maybe not.

Before I start.

I ****ing hate my ****ing computer for having so many ****ing problems.

It's a been a week since I lost my computer,
Apparently my motherboard crashed and burned,
And I'm right now in kampung.

Besides ranting everyday,
Sighing loudly in front of my parents,
It wasn't that hard to bare with.

Watched TV,
Read books.

Finished two books,
The Story of Edgar Sawtelle and PS I Love You.
Both books were nice,
And I'll probably do an amateur-ish review later on.
(Since I have nothing to post)

Results are coming out soon,
Very soon.

Went caroling yesterday,
Suppose to go today but I went back kampung.
Caroling was fun!
Ate and ate and ate and sang and talked and this and that ...

*mosquitoes are sucking my blood while I'm typing this*

End of not-so-short-yet-not-a-long-post-either post.

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