December 23, 2008

Updates about stuff you should know.

I have a new computer.


I'm serious.

My relatives bought a new comp for me when they heard that my motherboard died.
I hereby express my gratitude for it.

Thank you.

Everything was new,
Now the my old comp's files are back,
I have like a total of 190GB space,
And my 160GB external hard drive.

* * *

Ken Tze came over my house yesterday,
He needed to use my CD ROM.

I'm sorry I didn't entertain you much,
I was busy doing meaningless and time consuming stuff.

I was putting in album artwork for every song in my iTunes.

And now every song has album artwork!

* * *

Went Caroling today,
1st stop was Shalom home, orphanage I think,
2nd was Assunta hospital,
3rd was Impressive Nursing Home.

Me, Dante and Addison sat in Kym's (or Kim?) car,
Her air conditioner busted,
But it was okay.

Assunta's caroling was quite nice,
But my back ached.

Impressive Nursing Home was sad,
I mean,
All sick old people,
In one place,
Without their children around them.
You'd get that picture.

Around 7 or 8,
Went back to church,
Ate the dinner prepared (can't remember who did, sorry)
Then suppose to stay back for props thing because the stage arrived.

Before going back,
Most of us sat in a circle,
Listening to Esther talking about her 'adventures',
Had a great time overall,
Despite there were conflicts.

* * *

No time to blog lengthily,
Even though it is kinda long,
Didn't quite elaborate much.

I hope I didn't leave out anything important.

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