December 3, 2008

The absence of electricity.

I can't really bother too much.
I'll just put all recent events together in this blog post.

* * *

About the Sunway Pyramid trip,
I truly experience the fun of walking alone in the shopping mall.

I was like a nerd when I was in Popular,
Flipping through multiple reference books,
Comparing to see which has the most detailed notes.

Moving to places to find stuff that I'm interested in,
But too bad time was running short,
And I had to go back.

The amazing part of walking alone is that I don't have to worry about the needs of others,
I can stop by any time I want,
Or walk like a lizard zig-zaging through the crowd without worrying that my friend couldn't catch up.

* * *

My father showed me an article,
About some politician proposing to abolish vernacular schools.

I became furious for no reason.
For a person who doesn't care about politics,
I must say for stuff that are related to me,
Especially education,
I have this weird feeling to know more about it.

I don't want to talk about it anyway.

Later that night,
For English tuition class,
Teacher decided to make it a public speaking session.

And I just blabbered about that topic,
Adding a few points that I thought was relevant.

She didn't give any negative comments,
I guess it's because she doesn't see the need to be strict at that moment,
But I'm clear that I have loads to improve on.

* * *

Suppose to go to MidValley today,
But yesterday night,
Josh and Fiona told Blake and I that they couldn't make it.

Went through loads of stuff,
In the end I stayed at home.

* * *

There was a notice that a few of my friends that stayed nearby received,
Except me.

Supposedly the electric supply would be off from 8am to 5pm today,
But instead it was just 11am to 2pm.

Thank goodness.

Since my father left for work,
I was left all alone to handle boredom.

Without the fan,
Without contraptions making mechanical noise,
It was pure silence.

If only the weather in Malaysia would be less painful,
The whole environment would be the utmost state of peacefulness.
Friends gave me all sorts of ways to spend my time in this situation,
Most of them told me to go out and spend quality time with nature.

Are you serious?

You people must be watching too much shows,
I don't see how fun can frolicking under the scorching sun be.
It's Malaysia people,
There ain't no cooling shades or pavements for you to walk on.

Sit under a shady tree reading books?

No way.

I started reading books.
The Story of Edgar Sawtelle.

Till 2pm,
The fan started moving!
And life was restored!
Woo hoo!

* * *

A little thing I have to end with before I end, (huh? what?)
I just realised that my flow of speech isn't that fluent,
I guess I could improve on that.

My arrangement of points suck too,
I often feel that way when blogging.

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