June 15, 2009


Haven't been blogging for quite some time.
Probably not interested any more or something.
Or maybe I just wanted to treasure every single day of my limited mid-year holidays.

Oh wait,
Did I say mid-year holidays?



Oh crap.

* * *

I need to resist my temptation to blog about my results first,
Should probably blog a little about my holidays. Not that anyone would read anyway.

Genting Highlands trip.

Went there with dad and Kentze.
Long story why did I ended up with him. =x

Went on Space Shot immediately when we went in the theme park.
(FYI, it's that ride that goes all the way up and 'free falls' down)
Line was long.
Ride was nice.

Went to that ... swing thing, whatever they called it.
It was ... fun I guess.

Corkscrew was closed,
Cyclone was temporary closed as well.
(Both roller coasters)

Gatecrashed Rachel's family vacation.
Well, it was Kentze not me =x

Came back out at night for Cyclone and Space Shot and the swing thing again.
We took the last ride for Space Shot.

Went back,
Kentze bowled with Rachel's family,
I didn't ... felt like doing anything that time.
Kinda felt ... sick or something.

Went to Starbucks around 12am,
Had their Signature Hot Chocolate,
Went online with my iPod,
Read books (well, at least I did something, unlike someone ...),
Looked at hooligans in Starbucks spoiling the whole mood, acting as if they were high, as if Starbucks served alcohol or something.

Oh well.
Went back to sleep around 1am.

Trip was not bad overall,
But it would definitely be much more fun if more people could join us.

p.s. I had minor sunburn in Genting Highlands. No joke.

* * *


Was busy playing Dragonica.
Even had my Bible Knowledge exam,
Which was kinda ... bad.
It's just too similar to the format of History.

But I'll try to put more effort in it,
Same goes to History.

I'll try.

Can't remember what else I did. =x

* * *

School reopened.

Now they had this ... new ... built ... divider ... thing ... at the place where I cross over to school.
So darn high.
Hate it.

Results, results.

Let's start from the lowest I've got so far.

#1 Bahasa Malaysia

Scored 67% for that.
My essay was kinda out of topic,
So yeah I guess a B3 is quite good already.
(I keep telling myself that so I wouldn't feel bad about it ...)

#2 Biology

Scored 73%, A2?
I'm actually quite ... okay with this.
Since Biology was quite hard for me,
and there was only 2 others higher than mine
Will work harder!

#2 Chemistry

Same as my Biology, A2.
I didn't really like the answers because it was somewhat redundant and weird.
Since when a 1 mark question could be split into half-half marks?
Can't the teacher just give 1 mark D:
Oh well,
No complaining,
Should have studied more anyway.
Paper 1 kinda saved me.

#3 English

Okay I guess, A1.
My thousand-word essay proved to be useless anyway,
Next time I should just spend more time thinking and writing better essays,
Quality over quantity yeah?

#4 Additional Mathematics

Scored 97%, A1.
Had one of those calculation errors in Paper 1,
Felt better than having those stupid mistakes in Paper 2.
Actually teacher only gave back Paper 1,
But I already saw my Paper 2 quite some time ago.

#5 Mathematics

Scored 98%, A1.
Stupid mistakes.
Oh well.
Not that I'm complaining,
I'm just saying.

That's all for now,
More results coming up x_x

Did I mention we had to mark our own History Paper 1 and some other class' paper too?

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