June 24, 2009

Back from Leadership Camp!

... 3 days ago?

3 days of internet-less life,
Spending half a day with my computer,
And then another 2 days without my computer.

Camp .. camp .. camp ..

Where to start?

It was quite amazing overall,
Never regretted going :D
The place,
The facilitators,
Were not bad at all :D

In fact,
The facilitators were quite cool!

On the way to the camp site,
We were watching this Malay horror flick,
And out of a sudden Balqis started to go crazy and ran around opening curtains.

1st day,
Went there,
Some weird shoe game.
Some weird card game.

Some short meal,
First bad impression on the food.

Had some indoor game,
IQ quizzes or something,
Kinda ... competitive.

Night walk at night.
Scarily amazing experience!

It was basically jungle trekking at night, blindfolded.
Sounds amazing yeah?

Before we started,
Around 12am?
Had headcounts.
At some point,
They skipped someone and Navindran said he had to inform the commander,
Or else when they have the headcount again when everyone was back,
And suddenly the numbers increased,
They would think it's one of those 'dirty things' that followed us back.

That sorta freaked me out and ghost stories that I've read before started coming back to me.

All I could remember was when we pushed off,
I could actually see through the blindfold,
And everything was quite okay.

I kinda ... couldn't remember anything about the process of night walking.
Either I was half asleep or ... I don't know ...
Memories of it were just ... broken.

Next thing I knew,
I 'woke' up with my blindfold drenched in sweat,
So much sweat I couldn't even see anything and it sorta stung my eyes.
The whole thing was nice,
In a way,
Right beside the track we were walking was the pond.
And it was quite steep.
Took forever to reach back to camp.

Then out of a sudden,
They 'realise' some people were missing.
Kinda spoiled the fun when people start spreading that it was just a trick of some sort,
Trying to make us panic when they actually 'kidnapped' them.
I just hated that they made us wait so long,
I could have slept already.

Went back to camp,
There was this bathing place,
Where all guys could bathe together.
But thank goodness they had separate toilets.
Thank God.

Them boys had a campfire,
A smoky one,
While Tiong Hsien, Blake and I were sitting in the canteen blabbering,
Since Blake was ... a little angry ...

Ended up sleeping in the canteen,
In a sitting pose,
Head on the table.
For 1 hour.

1 hour of sleep after that treacherous day.

Second day,
Woke up half dead.
Spent the next 2 hours walking like a zombie.
Had weird morning exercises,
Played some games with Tengku Hussien school.

Had this ... weird group game.
We had to erect the Jalur Gemilang with 5 flimsy water pipes,
Had to make it stand without touching it,
And finish singing our national anthem, Negaraku.

Took forever.

In the end,
They allowed us to have 1 person holding the pipes.

Hasef (group leader) ended up holding Navindran on his shoulders,
While Tiong Hsien and I supported him ...

Crazy activity.

Had ...
Some rope activity later on.

We started off learning how to tie a special knot,
Which was easy,
But they somehow manage to make it hard.

They gave us a long, thick rope,
Those used in tug-of-wars,
And we had to hold on to that rope,
Without letting it go,
And tie that knot we learned earlier.

It took 1 hour+,
2 fails and the last try,
We did it!
I just followed blindly to the instructions,
Sweating like hell.

Later at night ...

Had some ceramah,
Conducted by Tuan Samsul b. Dolah,
Which was a friend of our one of our teachers.
That session was superb,
And I was damn sleepy already.

They showed a short clip about our whole camp,
Love the music and the editing skills,
Considering that it was done in such a short time.

Then came the infamous crying session,
I was the only one not crying D:

I think I somehow don't know how to cry anymore.

They started off with sad music,
Stuff about the Tsunami incident few years ago,
A few sad stories,
And participants started sharing their sad pasts,
And everyone was crying and crying.
The guys cried like ... they never cried before.
They probably hid it deep in them far too long.

I didn't cry.
In fact,
I didn't even felt like crying.


Another campfire,
I wanted to join them this time,
Since it's the last night there,
But everything was so ... tensed.
Lectures, scoldings, debates?
So we left :D

Went to the canteen again LOL.
Played UNO,
With Blake, Tiong Hsien, Larissa, Ke Xin, Arieff and so on.
Biri-biri (I don't know his name =x) slept walked.
Scary O.O

Arieff opened his eyes super big when Blake tried to remove his earphones from his ears when he was asleep.
Scary as well.

This night,
2 hours.

Third day ...
Already wasted,
With my aching backbone,
Lack of sleep and everything.

Had some aerobics exercise,
Danced a dance that each group had to choreograph,

Presented the 'futuristic' contraption that we had to make up from rubbish found around the camp site,
Our group leader kinda held the mic to himself.

Whatever =.=

Got the best group,
Our group leader got the best male participant,
And Puva (I'm not so sure what her name is =x) got the best female participant.

Navindran was very happy because he wanted the best group thing so bad,
Since it was his last year,
And he never had one for the past few years.

Everything ended.
Boo D:

Here's the site of the organisers,
Thanks to the facilitators,

Tuan Norlizan b. Othman (the dude who made other dudes cry like ... mad)
Tuan Mohd Mizam Awal Hilmi b. Norizan
Tuan Jamhari b. Saari (the funny dude who acted like a girl a lot of times LOL)
Tuan Mohd Faiz b Mohamad (the tall dude who loves to put his hands on people's heads)
Tuan Mohamad Al-Faiz b. Omar (that young, cool and funny cameraman)
Tuan Shameem b. Norzan (that dude who graduated from our school o.O)

The teachers,
Puan Faridah,
Puan Mariamah (she had sleeping problems ...)
Puan Rajeswari (she somehow made us attend the camp)
Encik Faiq (that cool teacher that I never saw in school before o.O)
And the headmistresses that appeared.

All my friends.


Enjoyed it!

I think I missed out a lot,
That 3 days felt like a week,
In the evening,
Activities that we had done earlier in the afternoon felt like it happened yesterday.
My goodness.

Now ... I'm wondering ... did this camp leave a mark in me?

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