June 7, 2009

The real movie marathon!

... yesterday
So much for thinking watching 2 movies was a movie marathon!

Along with Tiong Hsien, Blake, Kian Siong, Yi Shen and Kar Mern,
We went to Mid Valley for an actual movie marathon!

Thanks to Tiong Hsien's dad for the transport :D
Went around 10am.

Turned out well I guess,
Planning was the most terrible part though.

Watched 4 movies!
Total of RM51 just for tickets ...

1st movie : 17 Again!
It was ... unexpectedly good o.o
Comparing this Zac Efron to the Zac Efron in High School Musical,

It was funny and I enjoyed it!
Worth watching definitely.

Bought Snickers before the movie.
Was telling myself not to buy popcorn or else I'll hate it after the 1st movie.

Ate some weird sandwich at Yoyo Snack.

Next movie : Monsters vs. Alien 3D!

I kinda thought that this was the worst among these 4 movies,
But I'm not saying it's bad or anything.

Took some time for them to realise there was an error,
And I thought 3D was that bad ...
I was already convinced that this would be my last 3D movie if it was that bad.

Thank goodness some person actually went to tell the people in charge.
How exactly would be know how 3D would actually be like?
The last time I saw Journey to the Centre of the Earth,
Didn't like it at all.
Then again,
It might be because 3D works for cartoons only.

This movie is probably more suitable for kids?
I don't know.

Ate a double cheese burger at McDonald's.
Note to self : always eat burgers with beef and beef only,
Chicken burgers just isn't my thing.

3rd movie : Night at the Museum : Battle of the Smithsonian
.. a.k.a. Night at the Museum 2

I liked it.
I guess.

It was ... nice.
Didn't really affect anything considering I didn't watch part 1.
Erm ...

Worth watching, lah :D
Go watch!

Ate dinner at Yoshinoya.
Not nice D:
It's fast food anyway.

Blake went back,
And we continued with the last movie : Terminator : Salvation!
Was nice!
I love the fact that little conversations in the movie kinda makes everything link together.
A movie that requires you to ... concentrate I guess.

It was nice!
Action-packed and all,
Worth watching :D

Thanks Tiong Hsien's dad once again for sending us back.
Reached home around 11pm.

Tiring D:

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