June 16, 2009

Hello blog :D

I hope I'm on the road of blogging more often even though no one would read ...
If no one would listen ...

* * *

Kinda disappointing that I didn't get my Moral paper back.
Oh well.

Kinda regretted that I didn't bring a book or some homework to school since there was so many empty periods.

At least I had 2 out of 3 papers back for Physics.

I bet we would get our Sejarah papers next month. Maybe never.

Had Cooperation (I'm still not sure whether is this the correct translation for the word 'koperasi') meeting this afternoon.
Took quite some time ...
Had to be in charge of preparing certificates and souvenirs for the events held by the Koperasi,
And some traditional game event.
Both working with Hau Nung.

Ended around 4pm,
Quite late,
Ate 'early dinner' with Hau Nung, lol.

* * *

What else ...
I want to blog about some person worth admiring but I think I would leave that aside for some other day.

And it's really sad to have friends misunderstand you.
It's like a wall, if you get what I mean.

I should really start doing something ...

1 comment:

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