June 28, 2009


Hello people!
Currently in my mother's hometown, again.
They have this ... thing,
Where they linked 2 monitors to 1 CPU,
And I can like ... move stuff over to the other monitor,
Something for pro gamers or something,
So damn cool!

Last Wednesday,
Went to SEGi College in Subang,
For this camera workshop.

Overall was ... quite okay.
Just that ... at some parts ... it wasn't really nice.
Get to touch DSLRs,
Even though I still don't really get it,
Unlike She-Reen and Arif who already know a quite much about DSLRs.

The photographer assigned to us was not bad :D
Mr. Norman Hiu,
Nice guy,
Explaining about DSLRs and photography-related stuff.
Lady Jaja was a nice person as well xD
Blake was like ... related her name to Lady Gaga,
Funny moments!

Had prefect meeting and some newsletter workshop.
Prefect meeting was ... scary in some way.
Okay maybe not that scary.
Got assigned to be the leader of "arranging chairs for assembly",
4 Delta's class during assembly,
And the canteen during recess.

Newsletter workshop is really nothing,
Just turned on the computer,
Clicked on Microsoft Publisher,
Looked at some newsletter templates,
Looked at She-Reen and Breena present some PowerPoint slide,
Listen to Pn. Vino explain some stuff.

Hari Koperasi!
Was fun!!
Ate, drank, played, laughed, LOL.
Played bowling.
They arranged some bottles with water in it,
Gave us a choice to bowl either with a tennis ball or a coconut.
The catch was ... tennis balls will never hit down the 'pins'.
In the end they just told everyone to use the coconut.
1st try,
6 throws,
No points.
Noob =.=
2nd try,
1st throw,
And the next 3 were strikes :O
Counted as 1 spare and 2 strikes,
Damn it.

Everyone was cheering,
Felt so 'high', LOL.

Almost got the biggest prize,
For second prize,
I got some tiny highlighter D:

Stupid chance game,
Lost 3 times.

Some weird ping pong game,
Didn't even got near winning.

Ate cheese cakes,
Chocolate cakes,
'Mua zi',
'Mak zok',
Drank 2 ice blended drinks,
1 sarsi,
1 soya bean.

Went to help my friends sell key chains and badges,
Was fun xD
I even bought 1 for myself...

The haunted house that the PEERS organised was a big success,
The queue was so long they had to continue on Monday.
I didn't even had a chance to go in ...

It's was fun and crazy,
I guess Hari Koperasi was quite a success :O
Spent around RM20+.

What a random blog post.

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