January 1, 2010

Happy New Year ~!

*speaks in a monotonous voice*
Yay, new year.

It's taking me forever to think of something to blog about this special event. Happy, I don't see why; sad, well ... not exactly. So it's a new year, with new responsibilities, new priorities, new obstacles. I don't even feel sad that 2009 has just went by ...

I basically feel nothing about the new year, except for the fact that I will be having major exams, the significant one in altering the course of my future unlike the previous 2. Sounds stressful already. So would I finally wake up and realise that I should really start taking things seriously? I really hope so.

New year resolutions, well, I might not go according to plan, like always, but I guess I'll list down some. To study harder, grow spiritually, mentally, waste less time ... blah. I can't believe I'm 17 already, seniors in my secondary school. I don't feel that I'm thinking mature enough as a 17-year-old. And the thought of having to study like crazy is already making me want to go back to 2009. I guess I really hope 2009 wasn't over after all.

Add maths and maths to maintain, 3 science subjects to buck up on, putting more effort in memorising history, writing and reading more of the 3 languages, being more serious about my English literature. I actually thought of taking up bible knowledge again, but I'll probably give up anyway. Not exactly the hardworking type.

Not only that, I'll have to put more thought in deciding which career path should I take. It's been constantly in my mind, but it's so hard to decide. I'm not even sure which subject I'm really interested in, really good in, something that could last forever and not lose interest of. A gigantic milestone in one's life is waiting for me somewhere in the near future.


Happy new year.

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