January 14, 2010

17! For the first time.

Happy belated birthday to ... me :D

Okay ... I think most of the stuff I wanted to blog about is already lost.
Celebrated my birthday at home,
With cake :D

Became the president of the Archery and Chinese Society.
Rank for BSMM still pending /=

Cleaned up the magazine room, lol.

Won something from MTV Swag!!
It started with Blake's craze for Lady Gaga,
And her Fame Monster.

While searching for alternatives to obtain the album without spending any cash,
While he was stalking some radio station day and night,
I stumbled upon MTV ASIA's site.

Then, I saw the contest to win this DIVA HAMPER.
I just entered the swag code : Diva,
Which I didn't actually see on MTV channel,
I just assumed that was the correct word, lol.

Then this mail came :
Congratulations! You’ve Swagged yourself a Diva Hamper with the following CDs

Lady Gaga - The Fame Monster
Rihanna - Rated R
Mariah Carey - Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel
Miley Cyrus - The Time of Our Lives

And I thought it was one of those scam mails,
Being a little skeptic,
But then again,
The mail had my number and address correct.

Oh well,
At least I won something,
Although not something I really want =.=

Too bad none of my friends are crazy fans of these people,
Or else I would've just gave them the CD.

I guess I'll have to sell them or something ... lol.

I feel so motivated to join more contests now xD
Too bad the one with Daughtry's Leave This Town didn't work /=



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