January 5, 2010

First 2 days of school...

Rained yesterday, YES!! Didn't have to read the school vows in front of the entire student body.

Had loads of homework on the first day. Hate it.

Bought my exercise books after school. After lunch in fact. I went to the restaurant opposite of my school for lunch, and when I was going back, I saw that the book store was still open so I quickly went there. They storekeepers were impatient, probably because it's way over their work time. But then again, I don't see the point of trying to chase me away if you know that I'm gonna buy anyway. =/

Loads of homework today.


Even much more than yesterday.

And my mechanical pencil friggin' broke. The tip just, broke ==
Went to dig out my old mechanical pencil, but guess what? The rubber friggin' melted. It had an awful stench.

I'm tired D:
But I have to do homework.

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