January 30, 2010

*cough* *sniff* *cough* *sniff*

Random post.
I don't really know when someone posts a comment on one of my posts,
So once in a while,
I'll go check ... to see if there might be some comment that I didn't see.
Surprises me, sometimes.

* * *

Been having coughs and cold .. or is it flu?
For the past week.
Probably because I've been deprived of sleep?

Finally had my rest today.
Last Saturday was robbed by the school's replacement class,
And Sunday was due to the fact that I had to go for the 6 hour theory class for driving.

* * *

My family and I had to go back to my mom's hometown today.
Then my cousin called up to tell us to come another time ... due to something.
So I immediately signed up for the 10 hour seminar on Sunday.

My aunt called and told us to go back again.

Crap =.=

After much ... reasoning,
My dad allowed me to stay at home,
So here I am,
Alone at home.

It's not that I don't want to see my relatives,
It's just that I REALLY NEED A REST.
Why can't adults accept the fact that I'm dying already,
With all my time dedicated to doing a student's duty.

* * *

Been watching American Idol.
Can NEVER catch it on TV,
So I had to download them.
After 8 season,
I finally could watch the entire season 9.

My favourite guest judge so far is Katy Perry!
I now have newfound respect for her,
Mainly because of her attitude. xD

* * *

With time allocated for homework,
Watching American Idol,
And other miscellaneous stuff,
I wonder when could I start revising form 4 syllabus.

At some point,
I felt that all 3 science subjects are in fact,
Very very interesting.

Even history, a little.

Maybe it's the side effects of not having enough slumber ...

I wish I could just sit down,
Without the burden of having to do other school related stuff,
And just enjoy studying.


* * *

I read in the recent Reader's Digest,
That multitaskers suffer from the lack of concentration.
That never occurred to me before,
But it's true,
I can't never spend a full hour doing homework.

Juggling between homework, MSN, iTunes, Plurk and Facebook DAILY,
I hope the consequences aren't too harsh D:

* * *

There's this girl,
That I really can't handle.

Okay, that sounded like I'm trying to tackle her =.=

What I'm trying to say is I find it hard to be around this girl.


Put it this way,
I can never cooperate with her in anything because of her terrible attitude.
I'm not judging or anything,
That's wrong.

But I just can't stand her.

I'm trying not to hate or dislike her,
Because that ain't healthy ...


* * *

Oh well,
Time to go back to my pile of homework.

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