January 8, 2010

Rat race.

Yesterday, there was 40 students for the Biology tuition class.
Then today, both Physics and Chemistry classes were fully occupied as well.

It suddenly occurred to me that studying is nothing but a gigantic rat race.

Thousands and thousands of students are studying everyday, dreaming of achieving the best possible grades, in order to get into a good college, or getting scholarships to study abroad.

Everyday, students appear in school early in the morning; later in the evening, they all go to their respective tuition classes to continue studying.

It's suddenly seemed so scary to me.

To top it all, I have to sit for some short exam in tuition next week, and with the results, I'll be allocated into a different class. Amazing, I know. Even tuition centres have exams to differentiate stronger and weaker students.

Studying is such a competitive thing, no matter how much you hate it.

You can say you want to study for yourself, and not compare your results with anyone else. But even so, it IS competitive. Somehow or rather, you're involved in this circle of comparison (did that made sense?!).


I hate competitiveness.

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Jarod said...

ignore it, Study at your pace.