March 1, 2010

The pleasure of studying.

As the bead of sweat rolls down,
Gathering others that lie idly,
Halfway from it's pore,
Lacking of substance to break the tension,
To break free,
But conveniently being invited to join the stream.

Like a stone that gather the moss?

Like the raindrops that race across the window;

Leaving a trail that gathers itself,
And disappears;
As it rolls itself into the green fabric,
Rolling itself into oblivion;
Tickling the senses along the way,
And crashes head-on,
Into the countless strands of adeptly woven cotton;
And it's no where to be seen.
No where to be found;
No way to be retrieved;
Spreads out,
Exam week~
More like, 3-out-of-5-days exam week!
Yeah, it's a small exam,
Nothing major,
But it doesn't mean I can just waltz through it.


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