July 1, 2007

About Me

My name's written all over the place,
In case you still need me to point it out to you,
It's Kritz.

Christian - Methodist.


16 as of 12 January 2009.
2 more years!

Growing up in Puchong, Bandar Kinrara 2,
Graduating from SJK (C) Yak Chee,
Currently Form 4 in SMK Seksyen 1, Bandar Kinrara.

It doesn't matter if you have no idea where that is.

Interests :

1. Music
Favourites include OneRepublic, Daughtry and David Cook. I still listen to others, but for some reason I select these 3 to be on the top of my list. Prefer alternative rock I guess and I do not hate pop.

2. Books
Used to read only fantasy fiction, but found it troublesome to imagine. Moved to fiction for now.
Favourite books are : Darren Shan Vampire Saga series #1-#12, Kite Runner, The Story of Edgar Sawtelle, PS I Love You (the only chick lit I've read so far).

4. Movies and TV shows.
Movies, nice movies I guess, nothing in particuar. So far, Heroes is the only TV Show I watch and it is nice!

5. Random hobbies
Rubik's cube. PSP and internet if you consider those as hobbies.

6. Random facts about myself (and anything related)
*copied this from a recent Facebook tag, will be adding to the list if anything comes to my mind.*

  1. I had GBColour, GBA SP, PS2, some sold some gave away.
  2. I can't scream on thrill rides, never even tried screaming, but I laugh on thrill rides ...
  3. Even though I try to stop my self from swearing, in my mind, swear words still run around like cockroaches.
  4. I always dreamt to be rich, in a tuxedo, stepping out from my limo, somewhere in US ...
  5. I love it when people mistaken me for a banana (a Chinese who doesn't speak Mandarin), fact is, I speak Chinese quite often. =P
  6. I often find myself not so sure about my likes and dislikes.
  7. I sing when no one's around LOL. At home.
  8. I hate veggies, they make me puke, seriously.
  9. I like to listen to loud music, but my parents often nag about it :(
  10. I find that I can be a hypocrite at times. Probably way too often.
  11. I love mathematics!
  12. I got 7A's for my UPSR and 8A's for my PMR (straight A's for both). Yes I'm showing off. LOL.
  13. Despite scoring top grades for my English, I still think my English isn't as good as it should be.
  14. If I had a better digital camera, oh wait, I don't even have one, only my father's one .... or a DSLR, I think I would like photography.
  15. It's sad that a few of my Islam friends are Islam because I'll never get to eat meals with them at a non-halal restaurant :(
  16. I don't watch horror flicks, or thrillers, since ... I don't know when. I just don't see why do I have to waste time scaring myself.
  17. I actually like and hate reading at the same time. I don't know how to explain that >.>

That's all for now.