July 26, 2007

1st Entry

Yea, 1st entry.
The one before this is just a small intro.

OK, let's start.
Well, things are getting worse,
My time handling technique is getting WORSE.

Every time, I need to study and do my homework.
Guess what?
It normally ends up not done,
And what happens to the time?
It's wasted on Internet stuff.
Sad thing isn't it?
I want to change,
But I just can't.
Some of my friends give suggestion like :-
1. Starting slow, then I will slowly find to mood to finish it all.
2. Closing my computer and the TV.
Stuff like that.
Hopefully something snaps and I can be a better student,
But not to the extend of reading more than I am supposed to.
Like Chan Wai Lun (a "friend" of mine in school, which is going crazy).

Hope all who are reading this can give suggestions or comments.
Thanks for reading~!


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