July 30, 2007

Mundane Monday

This morning,
No assembly and Physical Education class,

But the sad thing was all the classes had a spot check.
They caught a lot students with long hair, no socks and long finger nails,
And gave them a long and boring lecture,
Lucky I wasn't caught.

Another sad thing is there was History monthly examination.
Didn't do well.

And after that was the physical education class,
Due to the rain,
We had to do theory class.
Before that Blake vented his anger on me,
Cause he was caught with messy hair.
Actually it wasn't really messy to me,
But the teachers are weird,
I can't do anything.

So he exploded on me,
Ended up i scolded him,
But that was boring so let's skip it.

Blah blah,
Teacher told us that we are going to get a practical teacher from some University.
Blah blah,
Time went on...

Nothing much happened today,
But tomorrow is going to be fun!
Our school Cooperation organised a trip to some book fair,
In my language it means NO SCHOOL!


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