July 31, 2007

PKNS Book Fair

Our school cooperation had a trip to a book fair,
Entitled for those who are the members of the school cooperative,

But before taking off,
We had Geography class.
The results for the monthly examination wasn't nice,
64%, sad.
But all I can do is to blame myself for not studying.
Later was History,
76% for the 1st paper,
So scared of the 2nd paper.

After that we waited for the bus and we took off!
On the bus was a bunch of us :
Me, Chai Yin, Cui Ting (LCT), Shu Qiong, Isabel, Ju Lynn.
We walked together throughout the whole trip.

After around a 1 hour bus ride,
We officially went into the PKNS building.
So called book fair,
All Malays there with all the Malay-Islamic stuff.
We went to look for readable book,
But it wasn't fruitful.

So went spend our time eating,
Ha ha ha.

1st they bought sundae cones from McDonalds and I got myself a Oreo McFlurry.
Then after walking and walking and walking in circles,
Which made me dizzy and all,
We went to KFC!

We ate, well, chicken, what else?
After walking after that,
Oh gosh I'm really getting dizzy.

We walked with Joshua Lucas for awhile before eating.
He told us that he converted to an Islam at Primary 6,
Because his father divorced with his mother and married a Malay women.
Wonder what will I do if i suddenly become an Islam,
No pork forever,

Then we eat and spend the remaining time at KFC again,
I bought Cheesy Wedges and Meltz,
Out whole gang finished them less than 5 minutes,

Then we played around with phones,
And stuff we had.

After that we gathered around the entrance around 1.00 p.m.
The sky was cloudy,
Looked like it was going to rain.
While waiting for the bus,
The sky poured rain suddenly,
In a split second.

Then when the bus arrived,
We went on it,
All the back to school.

That is all for today, kinda boring.
Tomorrow : Seminar at UM.
Again, in my language, NO SCHOOL!

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