July 28, 2007

School on a Saturday

Today was fun!
Morning, woke up 6.00 a.m.
Wanted to go out earlier to get my hands on some junk food.
But once I reached the sundry shop, it was closed.

So I stepped in the school,
I saw Chin Kok Seong,
And talked to him for awhile.
Turns out that he was absent for the pass 2 days because his grandfather passed away,
His gang also left him alone, and play truant.

OK, a lot of students were not in school today,
Half of them went to some activity,
Most of them truant.

So the teachers had to combine classes,
Yea! Dream come true!!
So in class,
The gang of Chinese :-
Boys : Me!, Blake and Josh.
Girls : Fiona Chan, Lee Kar Mern, Tan Vivian, Teoh Shu Qiong, Ng Chai Yin, Ng Jia Yu

Then we chatted and chatted,
Ng Jia Yu supplied us with a bag of junk food.
Then a teacher came in,
Gave stupid homework,
Which no one cared to finish it except Me, Chai Yin and Shu Qiong.
Stupid teacher.

Then we eat, talk, eat, talk, eat ,talk.
We kept disturbing Chan Wai Lun but he still doesn't get that we are insulting him,
He seems happy.
Jia Yu also tried to took a photo of him,
His picture was beyond explicit.

I bought a little bit more junk food from the school canteen.
Then went back to class.
This was the 'climax' of the whole day.
Before it, Vivian, Fiona, Jia Yu and Kar Mern went out to help a teacher.
Then we do our stuff.
They came back then we chatted more than ever.
We ate lollipops, supplied from Jia Yu again.
The Pn. Ng Poh Kian a.k.a. party-pooper.
She came in and scold a gang of Malay boys,
Because they were playing poker cards,
Which is considered gambling.
We also had a hard time eating the lollipop thanks to her.
We chatted so loud till Pn. Ng scold us too,
They say 3 boys vs. 3 girls talking,
(Jia Yu went out, Chai Yin and Shu Qiong helping teacher, left Vivian, Fiona, Kar Mern, Me, Blake and Josh.)
So she said if we talk to much she will marry us.
Me with Kar Mern,
Josh with Fiona,
Blake with Vivian.

Then Chan Wai Lun kept telling us that Pn. Ng kept staring at him.
Fiona was so mean! She said Pn. Ng stared at him cause he is UGLY.
Fiona inherited his father's (Blake) insulting skills.
So mean...
Then I tried to put the whole lollipop in my mouth,
Ha ha, they say I look as if I am not eating the lollipop.

After school,
Went to the same old place, coffee shop,
For lunch.
Me, Blake, Jia Yu, Kar Mern, Fiona, Kentz, Ka Fui (not sure about the spelling, let's call him YKF) were there.
We ate, then Blake kept tickling me, telling me something.
Let this conversation be a secret between me and Blake.
Then I showed Blake a piece of weird ice in my drink,
And Kentz the crazy photo snapper wanted to take a picture of it.
Blake used a straw to take that piece of ice,
And when Kentz wanted to take the picture,
The ice fell on his lunch,
He shouted to loud that everyone in the coffee shop was staring at us,
So embarrassed.

I kept saying Kar Mern and YKF,
Can see that YKF kept defensing Kar Mern,
So I kept bugging her,
She looked SO angry,
From my years of experience,
I can see that Kar Mern didn't like what I said,
Cause she either like YKF,
Or just likes some one else,
Heck, I was crapping.

So we left, didn't want to disturb them.
This is the end of this entry, thanks for reading.


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