July 27, 2007

Another Day In School

Well... Another examination in school,
This time is History.
Great, stories about dead people and dead things.
But before that,
It was Geography,
Turned out teacher was absent (a boring teacher).
After that was science...
OK now it's getting boring I will skip all these boring stuff.

During recess, Chan Wai Lun sat on a bench,
Legs crossed like a girl,
Holding a book (like always),
Drinking soya bean...

After that was lunch in the coffee shop opposite of my school,
Me, Kar Mern and Jia Yu were eating,
Then Blake joined in.
We saw Chan Wai Lun,
With his sister (another ... weird person),
And his mother (no comment).

Then we talked and laughed...
They also saw a young primary girl,
Flashed her panties,
Cause she didn't sit in a proper way...
They were laughing like hell...

That's all for today, will add if anythings happens at home.
Thanks for reading this boring entry.


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