March 28, 2008

Self Tag o.o

I found this interesting thing at Cherrie's blog.
Well basically is just playing your songs on shuffle and answering the following questions.
Hopefully it will turn out funny o.o

1. Describe yourself.
Misery Business - Paramore
I'm so not miserable, at least for now.

2. How has the past 17 years been for you?
Ain't No Other Man - Christina Aguilera
I don't have a past 17 years so I this is NOT a question for me!!

3. What's going on in your mind lately?
Thank You For The Cross - Tim Hudges
Hmmm... God, yes.

4. What has been a great influence to you?
Suddenly - Ashley Tisdale
Suddenness influences me? Makes no sense to me ._.

5. I am currently….
Little Wonders - Rob Tomas
I'm a little wonder, woo~ xP

6. I want someone who is…
Let Me Love You - Mario
o.o? err?

7. I can’t stand people who are…
We Got The Party - Hannah Montana
I can't stand people who party?

8. What is better to do than to blog now?
Bleeding Love - Leona Lewis
No -.-

9. My blog is all about…
Guilty Pleasure - Cobra Starship

10. 10 years from now, I might be…
Haunted - Rihanna
Hahaha, I'm going to get haunted, woo~~ spooky =/

11. Shuffling is…
Beauty And The Beast - Celine Dion and Peabo Bryson
Don't get it.

12. Foosball is
You Raise Me Up - Westlife
What's foosball anyway ._.

13. I love..
Feedback - Janet Jackson
What the heck?

14. Whats your best pickup line?
Let's Get It Started - Black Eye Peas
Not bad, but, *yawn*

15. Where did you put my wallet?
Behind These Hazel Eyes - Kelly Clarkson
Don't go dig that eye out -.-

16. What do you do when you see your ex pass by?
Outta My Head - Ashlee Simpson
Yea, you better get out of my head.

17. If I could turn back time, I would..
Running Out Of Time - Simple Plan
Run out again ._.

18. When you’re at the movies, and the couple behind you is making obscene noises, you would turn around and say…
Victims Of Love - Good Charlotte
Indeed *shakes head*

19. What are your preference on girls?
In My Arms - Kylie Minogue
I'm not that kind of a person -.-

20. Your favourite food at 12 midnight.
It's Not Over - Daughtry
Yes, the eating has just begun =D

21. For the people out there who read this, I’d like to say…
Say (All I need) - One Republic
Say lah...

22. Describe your college life.
Innocence - Avril Lavinge
It's not kindergarten -.-

23. If you could say one last word to your loved one, what would it be?
Stop And Stare - One Republic
Stare what? o.o

24. What would you want for your next birthday present?
Be Good To Me - Ashley Tisdale
Be good to me is enough I guess, which means buying anything I want =x

25. I totally dislike…
When You Look Me In The Eyes - Jonas Brothers
LOL, stop looking at my eyes!

26. Favourite slogan…
Makes Me Wonder - Maroon 5
Hmmm... makes me wonder... LOL

27. I am going to…
Shake It Off - Mariah Carey
Ew, bug! *Shakes it off*

28. After you’ve played a game of football in the mud, you yell to your opponents..
Thnks Fr Th Mmrs - Fall Out Boy
I seriously can't think of anything to comment on this.

29. If your life was was written in a book, the title of the book would be..
Light Up The Sky - Yellowcard
Wow, I lighted up the sky *blinks*

30. Describe your iTunes library.
Say It Right - Nelly Furtado
Can't make sense out of it.

31. Diet Coke is bad for health because..
Tear Drops On My Guitar - Taylor Swift
No link, boo.

32. Whats your opinion on PDA (public display of affection)?
True Friend - Hannah Montana

33. If someone you’ve been longing to talk to, brushes you off when you call him/her, what goes through your mind?
Toxic - Britney Spears
What? Poison his food and murder him?

34. Why are you not studying now?
Rumours - Lindsay Lohan
LOL, that's a rumour la, hahaha.

35. If a girl kisses you, how would you feel?
Clumsy - Fergie
*slips on the floor* whoops ._.

Nothing much, try it if you want.
I admit I skipped some far too off songs,
And all those Chinese songs.

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