March 17, 2008


As you can see, this post is going to be related to Christianity,
You can read if you want,
Leave if you don't want to read,
But please don't try to make fun of it.

Baptism is a ceremony for Christians,
Where they officially become Christians.
Of course,
We don't just get baptised like that,
We have to take some foundation classes to know the basics of the whole Christian thing.

Thanks to Michele Lau, (I inserted the surname to prevent some misunderstandings)
I went back to church since Form 1,
I was lost before that,
Backtrack till kindergarten stage when I attended FGA.
Now, being a proud member of LMC church.

No one forced me to be baptised,
No one even suggested the thought of getting baptised,
I myself took the opportunity.
My father, who used to be a strong Christian (I think),
And my mother, who says she is a Christian (even though not baptised),
So I thought no objections would occur.

Oh no,
My mother suddenly called,
And asked whether can I postpone my baptism.
Oh ya,
For your information,
I'm getting baptised this coming Sunday,
Which is also Easter Sunday.
It just struck me like,
A train hitting me at a speed of 100 mph?
"Can't you wait till your Form 5? When you're more matured and know how to think"
Oh, so I don't know how to think at all,
At least I go to church,
You don't even go,
And now look at what you're doing,
1st you encourage me to go,
Now you sound as if you don't like me to be a Christian.

I know I shouldn't blame my mother,
But I just can't help it.
I don't understand her sometimes,
Her thinking is all wrong,
And she calls me immature when she's the one with the weird thinking.
God, help me.

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