March 6, 2008


10 days,
10 wonderful days,
10 lovely days,
10 stress-free days,
10 days of beauty sleep,
10 days of recharging,
10 days of freedom,
10 days of studying for the coming exams -.-

Teachers organised some competitions.
So far, there is NIE,
That's from the newspapers.
Then for Geography,
Photography (which rhymes with Geography)
And Power Point Presentation.

Got to pray about these,
I really want to join this time.

For the NIE,
I guess Kar Mern will be in the same group with me if she wants to join,
I still need 2 more people though.
Since it's Geography,
I'll need to snap some greeneries,
And the presentation is titled : "perlombongan"
Need 2 more people for that.

Speaking about holidays ...



These are like those amazing getaways,
I so want to be there ._.

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