March 23, 2008

*huh* What Was That?

*Note, this post might be quite long, so bare with me =)

These nights,
I've been sleeping very late,
And being alone in the living room is just, lonely.
No one there,
Or maybe there is...
I've been seeing some shadowy thing pass by at the corner of my eye,
I guess a lot of people experience that.
I always thought it might be a cat or something.
To my horror,
I read this in my True Singapore Ghost Stories #1 :

Russell Lee : it is quite common to hear people say they see a shadowy figure out of the corner of their eye that darts away everytime you turn suddenly to see it. There is a short story written in the West by a horror writer where a man keeps trying to catch this figure for just one proper look. One day he does manage to turn just in time to see it face to face.
He dies of shock.

Nah, it can't be that.

Sleeping early won't hurt ._.

Had Easter Sunrise Service,
Got baptised =D
Praise the Lord!
Had a lot of Easter games,
My group didn't win though.
Went out to watch Horton Hears a Who after that,
With Jayshaan, Mel, Lisa, Sarah and Cherrie (another Cherrie),

Not bad,
Not that amazing either,
But worth watching =D

Oh ya,

Kar Mern !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What else did I left out,
Oh ya,
My father is totally crazy over his new fruit blender,
Thanks to him,
I now have all kind of juices,
Apple juice, orange juice,
Not forgetting to mention carrot juice, star fruit juice, tomato juice,

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tygrisskisa said...

yeah i see those stuff a lot too.

aaaand i also read that particular part of the book which you mentioned.

where do u live?
i used to live in bk2 but now in bk6.