March 27, 2008

Competitors and competitions

Gah, so many competitions,
And I so want to take part in all of them!!
Firstly, there's this...
Oh wait,
Before I start,
I shall state that : I AM NOT SHOWING OFF.

Okay back to firstly,
Firstly, there's this Geography Quiz outside of the school.
Teacher chose me because I scored the highest in the recent Geography exam *I think*.
I don't even like Geography ._.
Now I have to stuff 3 years of geographical stuff into my brain.
Then there is this photography competition,
Power point competition.
For maths,
There is sudoku *I think*, maths G *whatever that is*, snap *again whatever that is*
And this Australian Maths competition where I have to pay RM30 just to take part in it.
I wonder what's the standard for that competition.
I'm not sure about other competitions,
Hopefully I can win some ._.

Oh ya,
There is also this parachute competition,
Need to make something so that it will stay in the air for the longest.
And guess what,
I'm forced into you-know-who's group!
He was very smart this time,
He knew that no one in the right mind would wanna join him so he quickly went and signed up without me and my friend's approvals.
Great eh?
I have a very bad feeling about this.

Blake and Kentz came over today,
And my grandmother is getting on my nerves.
Nights ^^

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