March 16, 2008

Can't wait ... ...

... ... for school?
You must be out of your mind!

Try to fill in the sentence :

... ... to see my friends?

... ... to see the teachers?
Hahaha, guess again.

... ... to study?

... ... to see your girlfriend?
I don't have one.

Gave up already?

The answer is ...

Can't ...

Wait ...

For ...

The ...

Next ...


So lame ._.
School's starting,
Got my homework to pass up,
Got my exams to sit,
Got those friends to see,
Got those teachers to face.

It's getting harder and harder to see how my parents enjoy school that much,
Face it, almost every parent on the face of this earth agrees and mind washes their children saying school is so much better that work.

I came up with some theories,
Or you can say they are just plain explanations.

School problem :
1. During those (and I mean long long ago) time, schools are better, in every way.
2. They totally forgotten about the sad times.
3. They have really really close friends.
4. They all live in the same area, thus able to meet up very often and do a lot of fun activities.
5. They don't have a computer. Okay I'm not saying computer is everything, but it is to me, 'cause I have nothing else to do in my mundane and repititive life.

Work problem :
1. They don't want us to be jealous of them.
2. They didn't really get the job of their dreams.
3. They complain about work like we complain about school.
4. They don't have any friends at work.

I'm a bit biased I guess,
But what can you do,
I'm like that =D

ps. I'm not saying school is totally terrible,
I'm just saying it isn't THAT amazing!
I wrote this 'cause I thought that a teacher might be reading this...

1 comment:

tygrisskisa said...

i love the way you write!

my 8-year old sis was like, "Ini lagu eh?"

because you write things in such a way very much similar to some lyrics arrangement.