May 19, 2009

Blog post 444 :O

Thank God.
Thank the subconscious mind.
Thank everything there is that helped contribute to this amazing experience I've experienced.

Yesterday night,
I started studying Biology around 10pm,
And soon feel asleep.
Had no idea when did I fall asleep.
The next thing I know,
I woke up nicely tucked under my comforter,
Which meant that I wasn't in that position the night before.

Either I turned like a foetus in the mother's womb or my dad some how managed to drag my body 180 degrees.

I managed to wake up 5am in the morning,
Without the alarm clock.

That's like miracle #2!
It was as if someone was telling me:
"Kritz, get up, study Biology, or else you'll fail!"

Then I just woke up,
Stepped down from my bed,
Stepped on my Biology reference book.

Took it up,
Turned on the lights,
Started reading.

I think that was the second time I woke up early without alarm clocks this exam season.
But I can't seem to recall when was it ...

Had Additional Mathematics 2 and Biology 2.
I don't know why,
But it was quite torturous having to sit for that 2 papers continuously.

Miracle #3.
Was done with Additional Mathematics with 40 minutes left,
Started checking,
Checked halfway,
Had 5 minutes left,
Quite tired since I've been doing Add. Maths for 2 hours 25 minutes non-stop.
Had a feeling that my last question was wrong,
Since the answer seemed weird,
So I decided to skip to the last question.

I immediately changed my answers even though the teacher told us to stop writing =x
Managed to change it.
So close.

Thank God D:

Biology was just torturing.
I doubt randomly filling in the blanks would do any good to my results.

Oh well.
History day after tomorrow D:
I bet the subconscious me wouldn't even bother waking me up,
"What's the point, he's gonna fail his history ANYWAY. Let him sleep..."

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