May 3, 2009


I wonder what happened this morning.

When was the last time I blogged o.O

I can't remember ...
*lol, when I typed can't remember, suddenly the song sang the same sentence o.O*

Monday didn't go to school.
Tuesday late for school,
Wednesday went for Prefect interview,
Thursday tuition results, Chemistry 94% :D
Friday went Kar Mern's house to do project,
Saturday balik kampung to attend wedding dinner,
Sunday came back.

7.30am is late and they will close the gates on 7.40am.
Who knew?

Prefect interview was ... okay I guess.
I don't know lah :(

Quite happy with Chemistry results,
But 6 marks lost because I was careless not because I didn't know how to do.

NIE took forever,
15 hours in someone else's house o.O
Quite fun!
Food was nice!
Kar Mern's brother was ... =/

Don't feel like blogging about anything right now.
Have to do homework~
Sorry yeah D:

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