May 11, 2009

Exams D:

Form 4 students are decreasing D:
A lot of Malay students shifted off to better schools,
Better futures.

Only 1 Chinese shifted out ... for who knows what reason o.o

Anyways, She-Reen's house warming was nice :D
Her house is so. damn. big.
And everyone has a big room,
With their own computers and stuff.

So nice right?

The food was nice too,
Roasted lamb D:
Beef rendang D:

I think I behaved myself :O

It was kinda fun when we kept making jokes about Fiona and eLmo,

All this happened on Saturday.
Went home on Sunday,
I meant around 12am.
So yeah, it was already Sunday.

Didn't go to church the next day,
Celebrated mother's day instead :D

Went Sakae Sushi :D

Really have to study for my exams D:
Or else I might just fail or something D:
But I still have stupid homework to do.
How am I suppose to make time to study?

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